The Frontiers of Design
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Design has been recognized as a key approach to a world in flux. But the great embrace of Design, also drives great noise. Everyone talks Design. Everyone thinks Design. Anyone can design.

In this maze of sameness lurks the ghost of status quo. But also a new beginning; an emerging new approach to Design, and a landscape of opportunities for how to cut through the noise and radically change business and society.

These are the Frontiers of Design.
And those who master them will lead.
A film by Doberman

Concept & Script: Doberman
Interviews: Doberman

Director: Marcus Storm
DoP: Lionel Cabrera
Producer: Carl Sander
Editors: Marcus Storm & Robin Oljelund Kjellberg
Still Photography: Marcus Storm & Carl Sander
Music: Amadeus Rudolfsson
Production Company: Tarot Pictures

A special high five to the industry that has challenged and inspired us at Doberman over the last two decades. Here's to the next 20 years.

And many thanks to all of you kind people out there that has helped us make this project happen.

We are forever grateful.

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